Idmiston Parish Council (IPC)
Idmiston Parish Council (IPC)

Who are we?

Most people's impression of what a Councillor does is that they just attend council meetings but nothing could be further from the truth! The duties and pleasure of being a Councillor are many and varied.


Parish Councils must have a minimum number of Councillors to remain legally enabled to make decisions on your behalf and allocate locally the funds raised by the Parish Precept which is paid as part of the compulsory Council Tax. If there is no Parish Council then these funds will be spent by the more remote, and locally disengaged, Wiltshire Council.

Idmiston Parish Council

We have 15 parish council seats.  When we have vacancies, often the seat can be filled by co-option which is a very simple process.  If you count less than 15 councillors in this section, we likely have some.  You can apply for co-option into the council by completing the form inside our standing orders located here.

 Kirsty Exton, Idmiston & Porton ward - Chairman


Member of the Staffing, Finance and Planning Committees, Council representative to the Idmiston Parish Memorial Hall Trust

Checker Idmiston defibrillator.




Mobile: 07983 362507

Mark Jones, Gomeldon ward - Vice Chairman


Member and Chairman of the Planning Committee, and member of the Finance and Staffing Committees. Also a Flood Warden




Mobile: 07881 504095

Graeme Bryson - Councillor Gomeldon ward


Member of the Planning Committee

Representative to Gomeldon School



Steven Cocking - Councillor, Idmiston & Porton ward


Council representative to the Community Area Transport Group, Council representative to the Idmiston Parish Memorial Hall Trust.


Address: Amberley, Idmiston Road, Porton.




Phone: 01980 610852

Valerie Creswell - Councillor, Idmiston & Porton ward


Member of the Planning and Finance Committees Council representative to the Amesbury Police Neighbourhood Tasking Group, the Idmiston Parish Memorial Hall Trust and the Wiltshire Localism & Planning Group (WALPA)




Mike Crook - Councillor, Gomeldon ward


Councillor has refused request for photo.


Member of the Planning committee.



Roy Gould - Councillor, Idmiston & Porton ward


Councillor refused request for email address and photo


Member of the Planning and Staffing Committees, Flood Warden


Phone: 01980 610955

Stephen Henry - Councillor, Gomeldon ward


Chairman and member of the Finance Committee, member of the Planning



52 Broadfield Road, East Gomeldon, Salisbury



Wayne Maher - Councillor, Gomeldon ward


Member of the Planning Committee, Council representative to the Idmiston Parish Memorial Hall Trust


Address: 97 East Gomeldon Road, Gomeldon Salisbury, SP4 6LZ


Mobile: 07788 636456

Robert Miles - Councillor, Idmiston & Porton ward


Council repesntative to St Nicholas School, Porton

Defibrillator checker, Porton


Address: Byford Lodge, Winterslow Road,

Porton, Salisbury, SP4 OLF


Phone: 01980 762299




Awaiting photograph

Stephen Wheatland - Councillor, Idmiston & Porton ward

Defibrillator checker, Gomeldon

Address: 2 St Nicholas Close,

Porton, Salisbury, SP4 0LS


Phone: 07774 584740


Councillors Code of Conduct
Councillors Code of Conduct (Annex E of [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [120.3 KB]

For Councillors' Registers of Interests, go here:


Other Representatives


Andy Oliver

Wiltshire Councillor 

(Old Sarum & Lower Woodford Valley)

Gomeldon Ward




Phone: 07769 324365 



Rich Rogers

Wiltshire Councillor

(Winterslow & Upper Woodford Valley)

Idmiston & Porton Ward



Phone: 01980 591607, mobile: 07473 877019


John Glen - Member of Parliament




Phone: 01722 323050


Parish Clerk

Catherine Purves

Idmiston Parish Council,

Cranbourne, White Way


Salisbury  SP5 1DT


Telephone: 07763 411 595




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