Idmiston Parish Council (IPC)
Idmiston Parish Council (IPC)

Planning Applications

The Parish Council has a statutory right to be notified of any planning applications from the prish that have been submitted to Wiltshire Council.  All planning applications are considered by the Council, but when the Council does not hold its monthly meeting, the  plans are reviewed by the Parish Council's Planning Committee for comment on to Wiltshire Council.


The Planning Committee deals with planning applications, forward planning, the village design statement and road traffic management issues including speed limits and street names.


With regard to planning applications, both the Council and the Committee will consider the impact of the proposed development on adjoining properties and on the parish as a whole, and will express its views directly to to Wiltshire Council.

However, neither the Council nor The Committee can make any decision on these applications - that is the responsibility of Wiltshire Council as the statutory Planning Authority.


The Parish Council's opinion will be informed by the size and nature of the development being applied for.


Whilst Wiltshire Council follows a clear set of national and local guidelines and plans, the Parish Council's view is guided more by whether a development sits comfortably with the character of the area.


Parishioners wishing to express views on planning applications should therefore address such remarks to Wiltshire Council directly but are welcome to provide IPC with a copy if they so wish.


The Council and Committee meetings are normally held in the Memorial Hall, and are open to the public.


Agendas are published some 6 days in advance on parish noticeboards.


Planning applications can be viewed directly at the Wiltshire Council website.


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