Idmiston Parish Council (IPC)
Idmiston Parish Council (IPC)

Parish Council 

What is a town/parish council?

Town and parish councils are the first layer of local government. They are elected local authorities, which aim to engage local people and respond to their needs, through representation as community advocates or by providing services, for example; the administration of parks or promoting tourism in the local area.


What do they do?

The activities parish and town councils are involved in are varied and diverse. They have a range of functions:

• as community representatives on other bodies
• powers to provide facilities
• powers to be notified of proposals and surveys
• other miscellaneous powers.


For more information please visit the guidance on the Wiltshire Council website.





Parish Clerk

Catherine Purves

Idmiston Parish Council,

Cranbourne, White Way


Salisbury  SP5 1DT


Telephone: 07763 411 595




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