Idmiston Parish Council (IPC)
Idmiston Parish Council (IPC)


IPC have adopted the redundant phone boxes in each village to install defibrillators.


The defibrillators have been financed from the Idmiston Parish precept and  grant funding from the Tesco "Bags for Life" scheme.


The electronic access code for the defibrillator cabinet is made available via an emergency 999 call to the Ambulance Service and all parishioners should familiarise themselves with their locations:


  • BT Telephone Box, Buller Park, Porton, SP4 0LU
  • BT Telephone Box, Ladysmith, Gomeldon. SP4 6LD
  • BT Telephone Box, Church Road, Idmiston, SP4 0AT

If you are closer to Winterbourne Gunner:

  • Winterbourne Arms, Winterbourne Gunner, SP4 6EW

You do not need to know how to work the defibrillator. You will be supported by the ambulance service, and the machine itself talks you through everything you need to do, however:


IT IS VITAL that you know the postcode of your nearest defibrillator to tell the ambulance service, if needed. They will then give you the access code.


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