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Bourne Cemetery

Cemetery & Memorial Garden

The Bourne Cemetery in Porton is located on the Winterslow Road, just south of the junction with the A338 Tidworth Road.  It is owned and maintained by the IPC and its development entirely funded by Parish residents.

Opened in 2016, the Bourne Cemetery is a lawn-style municipal amenity and has facilities for burials and for the interment of cremated remains.  The site contains a Garden of Remembrance with seating and beds of rose bushes, providing a quiet restful area for contemplation. 


The Bourne Cemetery incorporates the ancient Porton Baptist Burial Ground, still marked out by some of the original stone memorials.  There is also a brass plaque at the perimeter of this area (shown here) that may be of interest.  A pamphlet on the Baptist Community in Porton has been written by a former Lay Pastor, Cdr. Douglas Parish and can be downloaded below.

(Designed for printing double-sided & folded as A5 booklet)
PBC Brief History.pdf
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Bourne Cemetery FAQs

What is allowed & not allowed in the cemetery?

Information on the cemetery is included here in the Rules and Regulations.

IPC BC RR Rules and Regulations Oct2016 [...]
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Who is eligible to be buried/interred?

Anyone who is resident in the parish at the time of their death may be buried or interred in the cemetery.  Long standing residents who have recently relocated away from the parish may also be eligible.  Please contact the Parish Clerk for more information.  

Can I reserve a plot & how would I do that?

If you are interested in pre-purchasing a burial plot, please email the Parish Clerk with your request. You will be sent a copy of the document 'ERB1: Exclusive Rights of Burial’ and the latest fee information.  You will need to complete and return the application form to be considered.   Please note that you will not be able to specify or reserve a particular plot.  All graves will be allocated for interments on a ‘next-in-line’ basis.

What are the costs/fees for burials & internments?

The Parish Clerk holds the latest Fee information.  The fees are reviewed each year as part of the precept planning process and confirmed or revised each January.

How is the cemetery maintained & managed?

Bawdens maintain the cemetery on behalf of the Parish Council, and are responsible for cutting the grass, maintaining the beech hedges and rose beds, general tidiness and upkeep.  The Council welcomes offers of help from green-fingered volunteers, please contact the Parish Clerk if you would like to get involved.


The administration and handling of documents & arrangements relating to interments, is managed by the Parish Clerk, who is also the Cemetery Manager.  All enquiries should be addressed to the Parish Clerk.

Burial Ground Planning and Project Working Docs - Historical
Documents used during the project to create the Bourne Cemetery.
Burial Ground Planning and Project Worki[...]
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